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When you need the best in professional garage door repair and installation, there’s no better team to turn to than Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros. We work with both residential and commercial customers in and around our area, including in the communities of Rockport, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas and other nearby cities. We understand better than anyone the true value of your overhead door, and that’s why our garage door service team is dedicated to providing exceptional service for homeowners and business owners.

Let’s set the scene: It’s a normal Monday morning, and you’re at home, maybe getting ready for work or getting your kids ready for school. Everyone is dressed, fed and ready to head out the door. You hop in the car, and wait—why won’t it open? You’d be surprised how many times our team has heard this exact scenario described from a long list of our customers. Unfortunately, you never know when this is going to happen to you.

In many of these cases, the resolution is something as simple as changing the batteries in your opener remote or pushing a soccer ball out of the way of the door’s safety sensors; however, in other circumstances, the solution is not that simple. If you’re stumped—and stuck—wondering why your overhead door is malfunctioning, your first call should be to our staff. We are happy to walk our customers through a couple different simple fixes that you may be able to perform yourself, but if not, we will dispatch our technicians to the scene. You’ll see that it won’t take long before we will be able to pinpoint the problem and develop a plan of action.

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Residential Doors

We offer residential garage door repair, replacement and installation. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote for your home's needs.

Commercial Doors

Commercial overhead doors can be difficult to repair or replace. We have years experience working on industrial products.

Garage Door Openers

We offer the repair, maintenance and installation any opener. We use high quality openers and control panels.

Residential Garage Door Repair


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We know you have a very busy life to live between work, taking your kids to school and baseball practice, cooking dinner, and spending time with your spouse—notice, we didn’t mention that you have time to deal with a broken or malfunctioning door. Instead of adding address stress to your already full place, enlist the help of our trained professionals. When you call us for repair for your home, we’ll make it a priority to show up on time with all the proper tools and equipment we need to get the job done. We have diagnosed everything from broken springs, to doors that are off track or unaligned, not to mention doors that have been run into or damaged from the outside. We won’t let a broken overhead door turn into the end of the world–instead, we’ll complete repairs quickly and efficiently and get your life moving again.

Just like cars, garage doors themselves come in many different styles, types and materials. You may have heard of some of the most popular choices, including doors made of aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl or wood. Regardless of the kind of door you have on your property, we can fix it without delay. It is important to know that we do come across some very special doors that require us to special order parts, in which case we always rush the order so they arrive as quickly as possible. Once the part arrives, we will immediately give you a call to see if we can come over to complete same-day services or schedule you for the next service time slot.

Our highly qualified team of repair technicians has been doing this job for a while now, so we’ve seen a lot over the years. Because of this, nothing surprises us. We know that the cost of repairs is always the first thought in many homeowners’ minds when they realize there is an issue with it Luckily, we are able to accurate give you an estimate for all our repairs as soon as we are done inspecting your door. This estimate is free of charge and there is no obligation necessary. We actually encourage our customers to seek a few different estimates for work from our competitors. While this may seem a little silly, for us, it makes sense—we are confident in our work and confident in our fair prices.

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Residential Garage Door Installation


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Outside of residential repairs for your home’s garage door, our team also strives to provide a lineup of the best new doors for installations or replacements. We understand that it can be hard to decide when exactly is the right time to make the move to upgrade your overhead door. It can be costly, so your available budget has be a factor when making this decision; however, if you find that you are continuously paying for repair and repair just to keep it running, then springing for a full replacement might save you more money in the long-term. Our team is happy to help you weigh this decision by performing an examination of your current door, and then giving you our honest opinion on what would be the next best step moving forward.

If it is finally determined that a new one is the right move for you, then our team will be by your side throughout the entire journey of removing your old door to installing your new one. Keep in mind that you’ll have a lot of different options to choose from for your new installation, so it may seem a bit overwhelming at times. We will also recommend and install a garage door opener. Not to worry, that’s what our staff is here is. We will sit down with you to discuss your individual needs and budget constraints, and then begin narrowing down the options from there. If you have an idea what exactly what type of door you’re looking forward but you don’t know much about the cost or it’s benefits, be sure to speak up and simply ask one of our team members for more information.

It is our goal to narrow down and locate the right overhead door that matches and fits with your home and your family. We will help you understand the cost differences, and the additional costs that come with parts and labor for professional installation. When you’ve finally picked your door, then it’s our turn to make the magic happen and install it at your property. You’ll be left with the garage door and garage door opener of your dreams, and we’ll hopefully be left with a very satisfied customer.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

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Like homeowners, business owners also have a lot on their plate. So, when one of their commercial or industrial overhead doors breaks down or stops working all together, this is the last thing you’ll want to deal with. Luckily, our team is ready to come to the rescue. We’ve never faced a door we couldn’t repair. For many commercial business owners, your garage doors are the key from getting your product moved from inside your facility to out into the world. Our team knows commercial garage doors and we work with a sense of urgency when completing all our commercial repair projects, because we know your business relies on these doors to run smoothly. We never want to be the cause in delay for reaching your success, instead we want to be the company that gets you back on track.

Working with a variety of different commercial clients over the years, we’ve come face to face with circumstances when the business owner is bound and determined to complete their own repairs—or have their employees complete the task. Unfortunately, our team is committed to keeping all our customers safe, even if that mean we might upset or frustrate a customer along the way. While we would never doubt your readiness or skill set, or the experience of your employees, we do know that it takes more than being “handy” to complete services.

Because of this fact, we strongly urge all our customers to work with us and agree to allow our professionals to complete any and all garage door services and repairs. Although it may not look like it or feel like it, your overhead door is extremely heavy—meaning that if by any chance it comes crashing to the ground and someone or something happens to get in its way, it’ll be hard to avoid an injury. If you’re in need of commercial garage doors or repairs for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Commercial Overhead Door Installation

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In addition to commercial repairs, our team offers all local business owners and property owners new installation service for their overhead doors. First many companies, the exterior of their property is the first thing their customers see when arriving at your location. If your day-to-day operations rely on garage doors to flow smoothly, then an old, battered door can not only be an eyesore but it can be a problem with your overall efficiency. You don’t want your customers’ first impression to be one of disgust or disappoint, or have new customers believe that the lack of care you show to your property is the type of care they will receive from you or your employees.

When you make the decision to upgrade your current garage door to replace it with a new one, you are making a decision that will enhance your entire business. Working with our staff, we can help you sort through your options. You’ll want to consider your business needs before you decide on a door. We offer doors that are insulated or non-insulated, some are more durable than others, while others are made for continuous use.

All businesses need to be dependable, consistent, and competent in order to remain successful—our team is here to promise you that the doors we provide can help you do just that. If you’re ready to move forward with your commercial or industrial installation, reach out to our team to set up a consultation and get the process started.

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