Commercial Garage Door Installation Calallen

Commercial Garage Door Installations

Commercial Garage Door Installation Calallen

commercial garage door installation

Conveniently located in the north-central part of Nueces County along Interstate Highway 37 is the lovely town of Calallen, Texas.  This formerly independent town became part of Corpus Christi in 1966 and is named after Calvin Allen, who donated the land.  This beautiful town is a great place to own a business, and the professionals at Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros is proud to provide high-quality commercial garage door installation.  Listed below are tips on how to prepare for a commercial garage door installation.


The first step is to decide which style and material of the commercial door you wish to have installed and order it.  You can either order the door from an outside company and have it delivered, or you can purchase one through Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros.  Once the door arrives, you can schedule an appointment to have it installed.  To make installation easier, be sure to have the area where the door will be installed clean and free from product or storage to create a safe environment for the technicians to install the door.  Notify staff that you will be having a commercial door installed so they can avoid the area and keep it safe and hazard-free.

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Commercial Garage Door Installation

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Once the technicians have arrived to install the commercial door, there is nothing you need to do except make sure the area is safe and free from any hazards that could impede the installation process.  It is crucial to keep you and your staff away from the installation area as the technicians will be equipped with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent injury. If you are not wearing appropriate PPE, you could be injured.

* It is essential that you never try to install a commercial garage door yourself or try to assist with the installation.  Commercial doors are heavy and complicated, and if you lack the proper training and equipment, you may damage the door or cause injury to you or others.  It is best to allow the professionals to handle the installation as they will be able to do so safely and efficiently.

Post Installation

After your commercial door has been installed, it is vital to keep up on routine maintenance and check the door periodically to make sure it does not show any signs of wear or damage.  While commercial doors are heavy duty and built to last, through repeated use parts will loosen, the track may become misaligned, or more lubrication may be required.  To keep your new door functioning at its best and increase its longevity, make sure to follow up with routine maintenance.


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At Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros, we understand how important a properly functioning commercial door is to the success of your business.  We have expert technicians who can install and maintain all types of commercial doors, and we also have preventative maintenance plans available to keep your new commercial door function correctly longer.  Call today and speak with one of our expert staff about having a new commercial door installed.