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Located in San Patricio and Nueces counties is the lovely city of Ingleside, Texas.  The 9000 residents of Ingleside enjoy a small-town atmosphere while still having the convenience of being located close enough to larger cities for work or play.

During its early years, Ingleside was known by many different names, including Inwood, Old Ingleside, Ingleside Cove, Palomas, Cove City, Cove, and Ingleside-on-the-Bay, and Ingleside Cove.  Located on the Corpus Christi Bay, Ingleside was established in 1854 when George C. Hatch purchased the land.  Over time, he bought an additional 3800 acres that he sold to multiple individuals, including Henry Nold, John Pollard, and John W. Vineyard, to name a few.  The individuals who purchased land from George C. Hatch built homes and began to establish a community.  In fact, one resident John Vineyard is credited with naming the community.  To honor his ancestral home in Scotland, he named the community Ingleside which means fireside.

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As the community of Ingleside began to grow and in 1857, the first post office was established as well as a general store and a boarding school named Ingleside Male and Female Academy which often was referred to as Nold Academy.  During its early years, Ingleside’s primary industries included ranching and farming.  Ingleside utilized the waters of the Bay to transport their goods until the 1890’s when the railroad was constructed.  The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway completed construction in 1887, but it bypassed Ingleside.  To take advantage of all the railroad had to offer residents of Ingleside quickly moved closer to the railroad and took advantage of all it had to offer and even built a large hotel.  Unfortunately, it never really took off as planned, and the population of Ingleside remained at 30.

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Over the years, many industries tried to establish roots in Ingleside, including the Ingleside, Common School District, Grape production, fishing, and vegetable production.  Unfortunately, in 1916 the school was destroyed by a hurricane.  In 1927 Humble Oil built a refinery in Ingleside. There was a construction boom, including a housing complex, paved streets, and sewer systems for the employees of Humble Oil. It introduced an economic boom, and the population of Ingleside grew to 1125.  Unfortunately, like so many industries before in 1944, labor problems resulted in the closing of the Humble Oil refinery closing.  In 1948 the Brauer Corporation established an aluminum fabrication plant; in 1950, Reynolds Metal was established, followed by DuPont in 1973.  These new industries allowed Ingleside to grow, and it was incorporated in 1951, and the population began to grow steadily with just under 9400 residents.

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  • Today Ingleside boasts a population of just under 10,000 residents, many of which are families with children.  Residents of Ingleside enjoy all that their small, tight-knit community has to offer. The convenient location of Ingleside allows them to easily and conveniently explore many great activities the area has to offer.  Listed below are some of the popular places the residents of Ingleside enjoy going in their free time:
    • Cove Park
    • Ingleside Swimming Pool
    • Ingleside On The Bay
    • Live Oak Park
    • O. Park
    • Oak Park
    • Faith Whitney Lake
    • Art Museum of South Texas
    • Heritage Park Cultural Center
    • King Ranch
    • Padre Island National Seashore
    • South Texas Botanical Gardens
    • South Texas Music Walk of Fame
    • Texas Maritime Museum
    • Texas Parks & Wildlife
    • Texas State Aquarium

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At Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros, we know how important it is for families to spend their free time enjoying all the fun activities Ingleside offers.  To help ensure that residents are not stuck at home or their business due to residential and commercial garage door failures, we offer several preventative maintenance plans to keep their garage doors working safely and correctly.  Our team of expert technicians specializes in the following:

  • Residential Garage Door Repairs
  • Residential Garage Door Install
  • Commercial Garage Door Repairs
  • Commercial Garage Door Install

Our team of expert staff and technicians have the education, training, and experience to identify and fix any garage door problem you may be having.  Our technicians are supplied with the latest and best equipment to ensure the job is done the first time correctly, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  At Corpus Christi, Garage Door Pros are proud to service all garage door needs for the residents and businesses of Ingleside Texas quickly and efficiently so they can enjoy all the enjoyable activities the area offers.  Call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about setting up an appointment.

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