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Located in San Patricio and Nueces counties in the beautiful state of Texas is the lovely community of Ingleside.  With just over 9000 residents, Ingleside is a beautiful place to live and work.  Conveniently located near Corpus Christi, Ingleside provides residents with all the small-town features they enjoy, while still close enough to enjoy big-city amenities.  The experts at Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros have proudly served this lovely community and have the knowledge and experience to fix any residential garage door repairs.

Common Hot Weather Problems

While Ingleside, Texas, has a relatively pleasant climate, summer temperatures reach well into the 90’s playing havoc with your garage door.  On those hot summer days, it is convenient and refreshing to pull your vehicle into your cool garage instead of having to park in the hot sun. It is vital not to overlook how the hot sun can affect your door, and listed below are some common problems homeowners face due to hot weather.


While you may enjoy spending your free time soaking up the Texas sun, unfortunately, your garage door sensors do not feel the same way.  AS the Texas sun beats down on the sensors, they may think that there is an object blocking them, and they will not respond.  To help keep your sensors working correctly, we recommend providing shade for the sensors.

Expanding Metal

Often during hot weather, homeowners will have problems with the door opening and closing correctly. Usually, this is caused by the hot weather causing the metal to expand and essentially locking your garage door in place.  Since all materials are composed of atoms that are moving, hot weather causing these atoms to have more space to move and will cause the material to expand.  To help keep hot weather from causing your door to expand, it is recommended that you add a cooling system to the garage to keep it from becoming too hot, causing expansion

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Decaying Wood

If your residential door is made from wood, then hot weather can cause damage to your door.  With hot weather comes humidity. This humidity can cause wood doors to absorb moisture, which can damage the wood, causing it to decay.  To help keep moisture from ruining your wooden door, it is recommended that you apply a protective coating to seal the wood and help to keep moisture out.


Residential garage doors operate using moving mechanisms that require lubrication to them working safely and efficiently.  While the door is opening and closing, these mechanisms are generating heat and friction that can cause damage if they are insufficiently lubricated.  During the hot summer months, it is vital to keep these mechanisms properly lubricated as they will already be hot, causing extra friction and heat. It is recommended to have your residential door inspected for proper lubrication during the hot summer months to ensure that the door system is not damaged due to excess friction and heat.

The experts at Corpus Christi Garage Pros have proudly serviced the residents of Ingleside and the surrounding areas and understand how the hot Texas summers can affect your residential garage door.  If you are experiencing any problems, call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about setting up a free onsite estimate.

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